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Who's Line Is It Anyways?---scenes from a hat

i am so excitted! i am going to disney with my 2 bestest friends in the whole entire world. its not till december but i still am excitted. it is going to be one of our last shebangs!!!!!!!!!! together for always lol jk.....

so uh yea i am kinda tierd. the play is going ok had fun today well not really because everyone like left early. crazy kids. hopefully tomorrow will be alot better. you know what is real weird. in my head i am thinkin in a british accent. it is the weirdest thing in my life. it kinda reminds me of a thats so raven episode when she has a psycic cold and she can read minds and she was like o snap i am reading my own mind...o wait everyone can do that. lol that is one of my fav episodes. any way so taht is that . cheerleading starts next month they ordered my uniform. i had to try them on today. it was weird. i dont know it is all a blur. OMG they are havin a disney commercial!!!! i am so excitted yea yea yea ok so i need to clean my room again. i need to do things but i dont feel like it....i think i am one of the laziest people ever......OMG i was watching this tv show and it was about this guy that weighed 1000 pounds how is that even possible. i cant be like that i need to loose weight i am getting close to thatnumber so i need to crack down and do it ok you have to help me and when i say you i mean me

"you have to try my new jerk chicken.........aww dont be mean to the chicken .....its jamacain.....i dont care what ja makin apologize.....sry chicken" lol that is what is on thats so raven right as we speak.
you are my lady ...i'm never your lady.... never say never ma lady...never never never never never
were reunited and it felt so good.

ok well i guess i am going to go comment por favor ( even though i know you wont)
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