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Amanda Velez
English 12
Mr. Canning
14 October 2005
What A Rush
We were riding on the bus on the way to the rapids when
Sadie leaned over and said, “You will be fine Amanda, there is
nothing to be afraid of you will be safe.” She must have seen
the horrified look on my face because she then said to me, “I
promise.” That day we were going to do Duckies on the West
Virginia Rapids. Swimming has been something that I don’t enjoy
because my cousin almost drowned.
The smell of the bus was ghastly. It smelled of body odder
and dead fish. The crowdedness of the bus didn’t help either it
only made my stomach hurt worse. It felt as though we had been
on that bus for hours when we finale stopped.
Our guide took us to the boats and told us to put the
equipment on. The gear was extremely uncomfortable. The life
jacket didn’t fit right, it was so tight that it covered my neck
and I could hardly move. The paddle was heavy, long, and bright
yellow. The helmet fit floppily on my head. Once everyone was
ready, we got into the two person, red duckies and was
off on the adventure of my life.
Once Sadie and I got the hang of things, I started to calm
down and take in the beautiful things that surrounded me. It was
a wonderful summer day, the birds all around singing songs. The
bright, steamy sun was shining over the tall, green mountains.
It was as though we were floating on nothing. Reality quickly
snapped back, a rapid was coming up. My heart started to pound
so hard that I could feel it in my ears. I felt my blood rushing
to my face and I started to panic. There was nothing I could do I
had to go through it. I paddled as hard as I could and the water
was swarming me like bees. It was cold on my hot face and then it
was over. The water was so calm afterward and there was foam from
the water beating against itself. I was starting to have fun
doing something I thought I would never do.
The adventure was almost over but we still had one more
rapid to go through. We were tiered from the harsh water and our
faces were beaten by the hot sun but we were ready for this one.
We got closer and closer, the adrenaline was pumping trough my
body. We started in and on the first hard bump, I went flying
through the air, like a bird, into the water. The water
underneath the harshness was very calm but in my mind I was
drowning. I needed air. I fought to get up to the surface but I
couldn’t figure which was up and which was down. I popped up and
gasp for my life breath. I looked all around for someone and
something, and there it was that little red boat. I grabbed it
and held on to the life rope on the side. I held onto the rope so
that they could pull me to the calm water which is what I longed
for. Finally I was there.
I laid in the water with the life jacket all messed up,
thinking I was dead. The only words that could come out of my
mouth was “I held on to the paddle, Ronny ” The adventure was
finally over. I survived.
Next year I will be going back to camp. I came back from
that experience feeling like I could do anything.

Amanda Velez
English 12
Mr. Canning
14 October 2005
“What A Rush”
Thesis: I survived.
I. Before The Ride
A. Worries
B. Anxiety
II. During The Ride
A. Fun
B. Fear
III. After The Ride
A. Shock
B. Relief
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