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BYE BYE BYE [26 Dec 2005|06:04pm]
i am saying goodbye to livejournal for now.......i never update or nething it is kind of a waist so yea i am on myspace though so holler at me there i guess

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[30 Nov 2005|11:21pm]
I am making all these new friends ...but it is sad because i have to leave them in 6 months :(
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[26 Nov 2005|05:55pm]
i just saw the cutest episode of thats so raven.....i cant even stand how cute it was ok so yea i had to share that
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[26 Nov 2005|04:26pm]
havent updated in a long time

so yea the play went fabulous i miss it so much... well not realy the play but the people. it is so different now. i mean i see them everyday but it is different. it used to be like we would spend an hour and a half together and now it is just a "hey" in the hallway.it is total sadness. so yea thanksgiving was ok nothing to special and yea that is pritty much it um yea ok well im out
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[11 Nov 2005|07:01pm]
hey everyone... nothing real new except THE PLAY IS NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant even believe i dont even feel like we have been workin on it for that long.....i dont even know what to do with myself....o well so yea the play is next week and if you love me you will come see it..
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[23 Oct 2005|05:42pm]
everytime she is here i feel insicure....i hate it i hate her comments

"o was the HEAVYweight on here?"

that comment alone makes me sick to my stomach. i want her to go away. as soon as i graduate i will be rid of her
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just in case i cant get it for tomorrow [14 Oct 2005|12:38am]
Amanda Velez
English 12
Mr. Canning
14 October 2005
What A Rush
We were riding on the bus on the way to the rapids when
Sadie leaned over and said, “You will be fine Amanda, there is
nothing to be afraid of you will be safe.” She must have seen
the horrified look on my face because she then said to me, “I
promise.” That day we were going to do Duckies on the West
Virginia Rapids. Swimming has been something that I don’t enjoy
because my cousin almost drowned.
The smell of the bus was ghastly. It smelled of body odder
and dead fish. The crowdedness of the bus didn’t help either it
only made my stomach hurt worse. It felt as though we had been
on that bus for hours when we finale stopped.
Our guide took us to the boats and told us to put the
equipment on. The gear was extremely uncomfortable. The life
jacket didn’t fit right, it was so tight that it covered my neck
and I could hardly move. The paddle was heavy, long, and bright
yellow. The helmet fit floppily on my head. Once everyone was
ready, we got into the two person, red duckies and was
off on the adventure of my life.
Once Sadie and I got the hang of things, I started to calm
down and take in the beautiful things that surrounded me. It was
a wonderful summer day, the birds all around singing songs. The
bright, steamy sun was shining over the tall, green mountains.
It was as though we were floating on nothing. Reality quickly
snapped back, a rapid was coming up. My heart started to pound
so hard that I could feel it in my ears. I felt my blood rushing
to my face and I started to panic. There was nothing I could do I
had to go through it. I paddled as hard as I could and the water
was swarming me like bees. It was cold on my hot face and then it
was over. The water was so calm afterward and there was foam from
the water beating against itself. I was starting to have fun
doing something I thought I would never do.
The adventure was almost over but we still had one more
rapid to go through. We were tiered from the harsh water and our
faces were beaten by the hot sun but we were ready for this one.
We got closer and closer, the adrenaline was pumping trough my
body. We started in and on the first hard bump, I went flying
through the air, like a bird, into the water. The water
underneath the harshness was very calm but in my mind I was
drowning. I needed air. I fought to get up to the surface but I
couldn’t figure which was up and which was down. I popped up and
gasp for my life breath. I looked all around for someone and
something, and there it was that little red boat. I grabbed it
and held on to the life rope on the side. I held onto the rope so
that they could pull me to the calm water which is what I longed
for. Finally I was there.
I laid in the water with the life jacket all messed up,
thinking I was dead. The only words that could come out of my
mouth was “I held on to the paddle, Ronny ” The adventure was
finally over. I survived.
Next year I will be going back to camp. I came back from
that experience feeling like I could do anything.

Amanda Velez
English 12
Mr. Canning
14 October 2005
“What A Rush”
Thesis: I survived.
I. Before The Ride
A. Worries
B. Anxiety
II. During The Ride
A. Fun
B. Fear
III. After The Ride
A. Shock
B. Relief
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Who's Line Is It Anyways?---scenes from a hat [10 Oct 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

i am so excitted! i am going to disney with my 2 bestest friends in the whole entire world. its not till december but i still am excitted. it is going to be one of our last shebangs!!!!!!!!!! together for always lol jk.....

so uh yea i am kinda tierd. the play is going ok had fun today well not really because everyone like left early. crazy kids. hopefully tomorrow will be alot better. you know what is real weird. in my head i am thinkin in a british accent. it is the weirdest thing in my life. it kinda reminds me of a thats so raven episode when she has a psycic cold and she can read minds and she was like o snap i am reading my own mind...o wait everyone can do that. lol that is one of my fav episodes. any way so taht is that . cheerleading starts next month they ordered my uniform. i had to try them on today. it was weird. i dont know it is all a blur. OMG they are havin a disney commercial!!!! i am so excitted yea yea yea ok so i need to clean my room again. i need to do things but i dont feel like it....i think i am one of the laziest people ever......OMG i was watching this tv show and it was about this guy that weighed 1000 pounds how is that even possible. i cant be like that i need to loose weight i am getting close to thatnumber so i need to crack down and do it ok you have to help me and when i say you i mean me

"you have to try my new jerk chicken.........aww dont be mean to the chicken .....its jamacain.....i dont care what ja makin apologize.....sry chicken" lol that is what is on thats so raven right as we speak.
you are my lady ...i'm never your lady.... never say never ma lady...never never never never never
were reunited and it felt so good.

ok well i guess i am going to go comment por favor ( even though i know you wont)

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[08 Oct 2005|07:20pm]
its saturday night and i am all alone. no one hear to be with me. how flippin sad is that???? i wish that i had a car so that i could just leave for the night and come back in the morning. i hate being alone it is something that i fear the most. o well what can i do this is life and yea. not feeling too good today. i keep getting stomach hurts but like i said so is life. well i am out to sulk in my lonliness.
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what on earth!!!!! [07 Oct 2005|02:19am]
[ mood | Embarrased ]


i cant even beleive that i did that. i feel so embarrased i called and she answered the phone i was like mom??? and she was like yea i said what are you doin? she said sleepin in my head i was like obviously i got the wrong number cuz my mom is at work....then i was like o shoot i just called the wrong number then she said who is this and then i was like amanda and then she said you called liz's mom and i thought you were Melinda......i feel so stupid. i always get numbers mixed up. and uh who answers the phone at 2 in the morning????? i dont know but that is my embarrasing moment for today :)

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[21 Sep 2005|05:38am]

this icon is for steph

 ok well holler

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[21 Sep 2005|05:02am]

hey everyone....... i havent updated for forever in my life. it is 5 in the morning. i havent even gone to bed. its sad i know but i find myself doing this everyday. i know its not healthy but i cant help it. i think it is because i sleep when i get home from school but i do that becasue i stay up all night the night before like i am doin right now. its all a tedious cycle. ok so let me see what is new???? not much really play practice is fun. o and i am reading this book called VOICE IN THE WIND if you are in my class then you are reading it too but um yea totally the best book of my life. i spent like all night reading it. it just sucks you in..... and if Hadassah and Marcus dont get together i will just die right now. i cant wait to read echo in the darkness. ok so yea school is going ok not really whatever. the torture will be over soon. Canning is my new best person EVER! we were telling yo mama jokes to eachother (well he was sayin them cuz i could think if ne) good time good times. um so yea

what i have realized is that i really like being with my mom. like i dont know but i just want to stay home and hang with her. she is the best mom ever in my life i cant even handle it. i dont even know what i would do with out her she is my life line i can count on her for anything and she loves me no matter how bad or mean or selfish i can be. i know it sounds cheesy or whatever but when i have kids i want to be exaclty like her. i cherish ever moment i have with her................ much love to you Kadejah <3 .....

um so yea i have no idea whatelse to talk about. i watched thats so raven (well i watch it all the time but i mean there was a new episode) and i think the funniest part of the new episode is
"You got to execiseor the scales will rise and so will your thighs... who wants some fries?"

yea well that is my story

comment PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i havent had a real update................. [12 Sep 2005|10:34pm]

so what up my peeps! i got 4 comments last time i am so excitted. ne who this weekend was Rock the Universe. it was way awsome. there were so many people there it was total crazyness and from my YG only 11 people went. we got to know eachother fairly well. there were these jr high kids. they were so anoying at times it made me wanna die, like on the way home "For the love of GOD!" lol so yea it was fun. me and steph had some moments... some memorable quotes

"ur elbow is in my bobo!".........
 "I DONT REMEMBER THIS!"................
"jeffery sit down jeffery look what you did to that jeffery jeffery jeffery.... i four years old"............
"AHHHH i rode the bull at chilies and bust my face"...............................................

"very nice .....let me see you booginoo"..............

"moove ur seat loose ur feet".............

"lets do quasie modo i'll pull ur eye down"

"you have a lazy eye"

ok so yea that is that situation. today was fun alil we didnt do much well actually we had a english test that i def failed. it was essay and i am not a fast essay writter so i def failed that. Oh and i am in the fall play. it is going to be so much fun icant even stand it we have practice tomorrow. so yea o and we have a blood drive this week. i dont know if i want to give blood it is a scary thought. but i will have to see last time i had low iron so i couldnt do it. o and magazine sale too. if you go to my school and are an underclassman and want to give me ur sales then totally talk to me. i need the money for my class trip and 40 percent goes to me for the trip so yea if you are interested in  that then holler. oh and coupon books i am stuck with like a million of them so if you want one of those holler at me. what else shall i speak of????????????????? i realy need to do my hw ....OMG today when i got home from school i went to get a soda.. well i felt something on my arm so i look down and there is this big lizard on me. i freaked out so bad the soda i had went all over my arm and yea it was so crazy i had a mini heartattck no joke


 well i am out of this peace


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[03 Sep 2005|04:31pm]

so nothing much happened today fun stuff yea no one reads my lj well they might but never comment so i am just posting to yea ocupy myself well here are some icons i found around the net um some of them are special to me cuz they remind me of certain ppl ok well here you go

special memoriesCollapse )

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[29 Aug 2005|09:12pm]
ok so today was ok i mena the day went kinda slow but yea CONGRATES to you know who. let me just tell you this AWKWARD. went to the game tonight with them (we won 19 to 18) it was all good till the end holding hands and stuff just strange. fun times though at the game Steph you know what i am talkin about. OMGosh got in trouble for what i was wearing. that has never happened to me befor. got introuble for a halter top. didnt know we couldnt wear them to games. had to wear a sweater the whole time SO FREAKIN HOT i wanted to pass out. but yea over all it was a fun game to be at. i need to do my hw now and gotta call elizabeth. i'm outtie

word to ur boyfriend
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[29 Aug 2005|12:57am]

ok so school tomorrow is going to be so bla ... i dont even want to go i am so like tierd of school and it is only like the 3rd week it is so crazy. i dont not want to do work and stuff and like it is 1 o clock and i am not even done doing ne thing i am such a lazy bum... o well thats life i only had bible and so yea ok so i am so bored i just want to die. maybe i can go to dunkin donuts before school that would be so sweet YUMMY. ok so i found these sweet little things i hope that you can see them :)
 later... and word to your calculus teacher:) (steph)

Total HottnessCollapse )

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[28 Aug 2005|04:15pm]
I FINNALY MASTERED THE GRAZIN IN THE GRASS SONG ....well the part where she is like "i can dig it he can she can dig it we can dig it they can dig it you can digit"
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[27 Aug 2005|08:00pm]
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[27 Aug 2005|12:27am]
changed layout agian comment and tell me what you think
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[26 Aug 2005|09:31pm]

i found some more icons

HATER!Collapse )

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